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Oh maan

This is magically fantastic. Oh man, 1:12.... X3

This is Emily Falconbridge and family, a photographer whose blog I'm stalking. She had a photoshoot and film made of her family, and it's really, really cool. :D I want a family that pretty!

(and a lens that big. O_O I'ma die.)  

Fairy Step Ladder

 These steps will lead you joyously into your fairytale. Step lightly and hold your peace- lest it crumble around you.

'Tis a video. About art!

 I haven't linked a video recently. I found this on a photo-blog. It's very good! :D

I really love stop-motion animation. It's time consuming and crafty, and you do it with a still camera. I'd like to give it a shot sometime. :D


Commentary for the movie "Ten Inch Hero"

 Hoorah! I'm finally watching the movie Ten Inch Hero starring Jensen! And Val, I want you to know I took GREAT PAINS getting this to work, and I hooked up the harddrive TO MY COMPUTER, thank you. So now you know, it has been done. Oh, not to mention I had to download a new video player for it to work. But yeah. All in all, I now get to watch the movie. So I'm okay, really.

And seriously, people, the rating of the commentary tends to justify the rating of the item, and as this is an R rated movie... well, you get my point.

Whoohoo, watching Ten Inch Hero!Collapse )
As promised, but with flaws, because goddammit LJ was being annoying. I tried to backspace a phrase and instead it operated the back button on the browser and I lost the draft. Which is REALLY annoying!

Luckily, I wasn't.... TOO far in. So, this is a commentary for Suck it Up, Part 6 by Strangeandcharm.

Commentary for Strangeandcharm's Collapse )


The Old Rocker of Mrs. Dubose

Hokay. I'm embedding because if I just attach the picture it will be very large. I don't know how to scale that down. And I felt like showing this off, because it's a nice, sad picture and I like it.

I can't wait to get my Rebel back. I miss it! Thank goodness I have a film camera at all, though, or else I'd certainly go mad.

Title is indeed a reference to To Kill a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee.

This is a running commentary of every tiny little thought that comes into my head as I read strangeandcharm's latest story, Suck It Up. The point behind this is to provide some laughs and an original review of the story.

These are all my thoughts on the first time through the story- it's all new to me, and I am writing it down AS it comes.

Just a warning. As the original story is rated NC-17, it's safe to say this journal entry will be at least R, and there will obviously be spoilers. (I also managed to stick in a spoiler for the last Twilight book. Crazy stuff, huh.)

And this is totally dedicated to Strangeandcharm.

Healing Hands

Title: Healing Hands
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam
Word Count: 2200
Spoilers: For 4.1
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of the characters and I am not making any money off of this fanfiction.
A/N: Written over a span of four or five hours at around two in the morning. Inspired when a friend asked for a massage and yes, I zone out when I'm giving massages. Un-beta'd. Terribly sorry for the lack of real whump, but hey, when I started this wasn't even going to have porn. This is for Val, who had no reason to expect it at all. Surprise!

Dean laid flat on his stomach, waiting for the dull throb in his back to die down to numbnessCollapse )

For those of you who haven't heard (hello, Sa!) my camera's in ill repair. And I haven't actually updated this site here in days, so guess what, you all (all two of you as far as I still know) get to hear my laments.

My camera is a Canon Digital Rebel EOS XS, and it rocks my world every time I touch it. As of Sunday, though, whenever I take a picture I get an error message telling me that I need to clean the lens contacts. Upon cleaning the lens contacts, I discovered that this did absolutely nothing, so where do happy broken cameras go? Back to the manufaturer, of course! And what happens to chronic photographers without cameras? They go STIR CRAZY!

Now, I do have a film camera that I will attempt to maximize in my time without my beautiful Rebel, but it's really kind of a piece of junk. It takes pictures. And that's about it. It can't even zoom or focus. Now really, I LOVE film, but after my Rebel I think I will have extreme difficulties getting quality pictures through a camera that I can't manipulate, AT ALL.

Not to mention my mom won't buy me film and I'm broke. Nobody supports the arts these days, I tell you. I don't think she understands the magnitude of this situation, when it could be SEVERAL WEEKS before my Rebel comes back. I have a compulsive NEED to photograph.

So, since I can't show off any of my own pictures, I'm going to talk about a picture that I did not, in fact, take.

I am just slightly wary talking about this picture and the fact that I LOVE IT, but I know my Two Readers will understand.

This is a picture of a child prostitue, and I've had it open in a tab in my browser for... going on two months, I suppose. That really... kind of... probably isn't a good thing, but the photo fascinates me. The whole subject instills this sort of disgusted curiosity in me, and I always want to know more. Would you call it a morbid fascination? But very loud parts of me keep asking questions; who's the girl? Where is she? What's it like? Does she think about her future at all? Is she doing it for her family? Does she HAVE a family? Did she chose this for herself? What's she like? What does her smile look like? Is she happy? Is she high? What do the people inside think when they see her? What did the photographer think? What did she think of being photographed? How old is she? How long has she been doing this?

You see what I mean? All these questions plague me when I see this picture, and for this reason I haven't been able to just close the tab and forget about it. But look at her face- she's emotionless, resigned. Look at her posture, weary, tired, just a little bent.

This is a sad picture of a sad girl living a tragic life. What's wrong with me? Why do I love this picture so much? geeze, guys, maybe I've got some serious problems even you don't realize.

Bees do not scare me!

Bees are actually very cool, thank you very much.

Hooray for pictures. B]